Compliance and Risk Management

Promoting Compliance and Risk Management

Basic Stance

We believe that compliance and risk management are the two inseparable pillars of internal control. They form the basis for sound corporate governance and are a focus of our CSR activities. We are working hard to ensure that corporate ethics are strictly upheld at all group companies and to promote business continuity management (BCM).

Corporate Code of Conduct

8竊랳bserve laws and customs

In conducting its business activities, the Teijin Group observes the laws and customs of the country or the region in which it operates. The Teijin Group also maintains upright and lawful relations with politicians and governments and avoids relations with any individual or organization that obstructs social order or its healthy operations.

Compliance and Risk Management (CRM) Promotion System

The Group CRM Subcommittee, established under the Group CSR Committee, meets twice a year to deliberate on CRM-related policies, measures and activities, and promote their group-wide expansion.

In Japan, at business groups and group companies, we have appointed a person in charge of promoting CRM who manages/operates activities at respective workplaces. Overseas, each business group and group company conducts its own independent training, and global compliance meetings organized by Teijin Limited are held in main overseas regions every year. In FY2014, we held one meeting in U.S.A. and held information exchanges with key personnel from the Europe.

Positioning of Compliance and Risk Management

PDCA cycle of compliance and risk management activities

Results of Reviews by Chief Social Responsibility Officer (Law Violations and Occurrence of Accidents)

Every February, the Chief Social Responsibility Officer reviews the CRM activities for the previous calendar year of business groups and group companies. This review assesses whether there were any serious violations of laws or accidents during CRM activities, and confirms the compliance and risk management activities of business groups and group companies on the basis of the compliance and risk management activity survey submitted.

Among the matters reported to the Chief Social Responsibility Officer (CSRO) in February 2015, there were no serious cases related to violations of laws and regulations or accidents and disasters.