Quality Assurance

Ensuring Provision of Safe Products

Basic Stance

The Teijin Group conducts product liability/quality assurance activities under an original management system that ensures safe products are provided to our customers and enables quick response to needs in the ever-diversifying social environment.

Corporate Code of Conduct

  • 1.
    Respect human life and give due consideration to safety and health concerns

    The Teijin Group has respect for human life and strives to maintain people's safety and health at all stages of its business activities.

  • 5.
    Respect stakeholders

    In conducting its operations, the Teijin Group respects the interests of its stakeholders, including shareholders, employees, customers, suppliers, local community residents and others, and strives to engage in dialogue with them. In addition, with the exception of trade secrets and other confidential information, the Teijin Group is committed to disclosing publicly, in an appropriate manner, any information that is both related to its operations and important to society.

  • 8.
    Observe laws and customs

    In conducting its business activities, the Teijin Group observes the laws and customs of the country or the region in which it operates. The Teijin Group also maintains upright and lawful relations with politicians and governments and avoids relations with any individual or organization that obstructs social order or its healthy operations.

Product Liability/Quality Assurance Management System

The Teijin Group Product Liability/Quality Assurance Regulations apply to all Teijin Group products and services, and can be considered the base for our product liability/quality assurance activities. Based on these regulations, the Group CSR Committee and the Group Product Liability/Quality Assurance Subcommittee decide the basic policies and associated targets for all product liability/quality assurance issues of the Teijin Group, and reflect them in product liability/quality assurance activities conducted by business groups.

We have also created an original unit-based management system for product liability/quality assurance that is applied to the products of each business group. This management system aims to enhance customer satisfaction, prevent product defects, and ensure appropriate responses in the event of that defects occur. The system not only covers the whole scope of the ISO standards for quality management systems but also incorporates perspectives of product liability/quality assurance such as the response to customers and product safety.

Group-wide Product Liability/Quality Assurance System

As of April 1, 2015

Implementation of Product Liability/Quality Assurance Audits

In the Teijin Group, product liability/quality assurance activities are conducted as the responsibility of each respective product liability/quality assurance unit (six business groups and seven directly managed companies as of April 1, 2015). The CSR and Compliance Department, which is in charge of supervising group-wide quality, audits these activities and checks that quality assurance mechanisms are operating appropriately.

In FY2014, we continued our regular audits of each product liability/quality assurance unit, and conducted in-depth audits of specific business groups with the objective of analyzing the root cause of quality issues. Based on feedback from the audit results, we are aiming to continually enhance the product liability/quality assurance system and process.