竊묕펿Features of ELECLEAR®
ELECLEAR® is a transparent conductive film with high functionality and high quality by making use of the function of ITO.
?쟕ransparent conductive film with the expectation of use in touch panel as well as electronic paper and organic EL illumination.

This film has functions of anti-Newton's rings, anti-glare property,fingerprint resistance, and flicker-free property, and the material can be chosen from the base film of PC and PET. Touch panel, where operation is made by touching the panel with a finger or a special pen, are used in a wide range of fields such as OA/FA equipment,game machines, PDA (personal digital assistant), ATM, etc., and this panel is expected to grow by 30% during two or three years from now.The market scale of transparent conductive film for use in the screen of touch panel is said to be around 2.5 million m2 per year worldwide,among which "ELECLEAR" developed by Teijin keeps the share of about 24%.

Transparent conductive film has features such as "thin" "light""crack-free" and "flexible," which are impossible with glass. Using these features, this film is used as the base material of transparent electrode substrate for touch panel, whose mechanism is called "resistance film method." Resistance film method is a mechanism, where the pressure of pen tip deflects the film, and data is imputed by perceiving the change of voltage. This technique is commonly adopted in the fields of game machines, smartphones, and PDA, and keeps dominant market share. "ELECLEAR" is also mainly used in this method.

Excellent visibility, fingerprint resistance,and durability

"ELECLEAR" has a structure made of polymer film as the base material,overlapped with a hard coat layer, under coat layer, and ITO (indium tin oxide).

Through applying unique coating technique to these hard coat layer and undercoat layer, rainbow pattern generated by reflection of exterior light and distortion of film as well as the flicker of screen can be prevented, and in addition, excellent fingerprint resistance can be attained.

Meanwhile, according to finger hitting test, conventional products deteriorate after 5,000 times of hitting, while "ELECLEAR" does not suffer deterioration after 10,000 times of hitting, showing high durability.

Possession of base materials made of PC and PET

The advantage of Teijin in transparent conductive films is that our company has two materials of polyethylene terephthalate (PET) and polycarbonate (PC) as the base materials within the company,and it has the technology and facilities to manufacture them from raw materials. In particular, transparent conductive film made of PC, which can realize high transparency, is produced only by Teijin worldwide.

In addition, in the design of "capacitance method*," which can be expected to expand in the market in the future in addition to resistance film method, the brands of PET and PC can be adaptive, which shows the adaptability of ELECLEAR to many kinds of touch panel systems.Teijin increased its production capacity in 2008 to 1.2 million m2 per year, and thus established supply system at the top level of the industry.

*Capacitance method: A method to sense the change of capacitance between a finger tip and conductive film, and specify the position.This method is used as the touch panel of ATM and ticket vending machines.

Toward transparent electrode materials such as organic EL illumination

Transparent conductive films are promising in demand expansion in smartphone, etc. in the application field of touch panel in the near future. In addition, they are expected to be used in electron paper,which is expected to expand in electron books, as well as transparent electrode materials for organic EL illumination and solar cells in the future.

Teijin will further advance the performance improvement and application development of "ELECLEAR" and aims to increase the market share in the future.

竊믭펿Major Application of ELECLEAR®
  • Film electrode substrate for analogue touch panel
  • Film electrode substrate for inner type touch panel
  • Film substrate for flexible display (electronic paper, etc.)