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The first company to commercially Produce polycarbonate resin in Japan, Teijin Limited is proud to introduce its product, "Panlite", in these pages. Since its introduction, Teijin Limited has dedicated itself to a continual improvement of quality and development of applications utilizing Panlite, enjoying numerous successes. Through these tireless effots, Panlite has become widely accepted as one of the world's premier engineering plastics.
Teijin Limited pioneering spirit continues today, with our products widely used in fields ranging from precision machinery to housewares, from the automotive industry to advanced medical equipment. Panlite's remarkble collection of qualities such as heat resistance, dimensional stability, impact strength and transparency make it an ideal choice to meet a variety of product needs. Our customers can rest assured that the superior quality for which Teijin Limited products are known will always be the cornerstone of our company's approach to business.

Panlite is a thermoplastic resin having the following molecular structure, and is an ideal material for injection molding, extrusion, blow molding, etc.


Impact strength The highest impact strength among all plastics. It is superior to zinc and alminum die castings in impact strength.
Temperature range Stable properties over a wide temperature range allows for a variety of potential applications竊?100節?29?껓펹.
Electrical properties Panlite electrical properties are excellent in that they show only slight change throughout a wide range of Temperatures ; especially good as an insulating material.
Transparency It has outstanding rare transparency among all plastics and suitable for optical and sheet applications.
Dimensional stability Excellent creep characteristics, and only slight dimensional changes throughout a wide range of moisture, temperature and duration conditions.
Flame resistance

Outstanding flame resistance ; Some grades satisfy V-0, V-1, V-2,HB, 5VA and 5VB竊늈L standard Subject 94竊?/p>