Special PPS Compound
Polyphenylene sulfide resin (PPS resin)

Special PPS Compound

TEIJIN established Initz Co., Ltd. as a joint venture with SK Chemicals in South Korea in September 2013.

TEIJIN's Special PPS Compound offers unique properties by combining Chlorine-free PPS resin of Initz and various kinds of materials or technologies originally developed by Teijin Group.

The Special PPS Compounded Products are capable to provide new solutions to a wide variety of requirements such as weight reduction, improvement of appearance or adding multiple functions.

About Initz

The features of INITZ PPS

By adopting world's first innovative process to the production of PPS resin, following advantages can be enjoyed in comparison to the conventional PPS resin;

  • a)
    Benzene and Sulfur are used for manufacturing and would not contain any chlorine components.
  • b)
    The process will prevent from making any by-products such as sodium chlorides which comes with conventional PPS resin, and would result high purity.

Initz will promote their PPS resin worldwide under the brand name of Ecotran® and Teijin will serve all Japanese customers and accounts by utilizing their solid resources and technologies.

Polyphenylene Sulfide竊늁PS竊덿esin

Polyphenylene Sulfide竊늁PS竊뎣esin is a partially crystalline polymer widely known as a Super Engineering Plastic with outstanding performance such as heat resistance, excellent chemical resistance and inherent flame resistance.

竊쏤eatures of PPS Resin竊?/h3>
?쟄eat Resistance竊숸elting point at 280?? HDT at 90??/td>
?좲echanical Strength竊?High strength and high stiffness with high content of fillers
?줓hemical Resistance竊숾trong against acid, alkali and no solvent to dissolve under 200??/td>
?쥷lame Resistance竊쉀L94 V-0 rated without flame retardant agents
?짣imensional Stability竊숷ow moisture absorption and low creep properties