Comfortable Stain-resistant Fabric

Comfortable stain-resistant fabric with "water absorbability" and "oil repellency"

There is a variety of "stain resistant" materials that can prevent stains from sticking on the collar and cuffs of shirts as well as easily shed such stains by washing. These materials consist, in general, of two types; one is highly water-absorbable to facilitate the penetration of laundry detergent into fabric and make it easy to wash off the dirt, and the other is highly oil-repellent to prevent dirt from sticking on the fabric.

DUSTOP SP absorbs water and repels oil.

However, most of the conventional water- and oil-repellent treatment methods, which are accompanied by coating on the surface, have the problems of discomfort such as sweat stickiness due to lack of water-absorbability and air-permeability due to the coating.

Teijin, therefore, has developed the world´s first comfortable stain-resistant polyester fabric with both water- and sweat absorbability and stain-resistant oil-repellency, and will apply them as DUSTOP SP in a wide range of clothing items.

Contradictory Functions, "Water- and Sweat Absorbability" and "Oil-Repellency" Co-exist through Nanotechnology

Polyester is essentially hydrophobic, or has neither water nor sweat absorbance, and is likely to be stained by oil-based dirt. In the uses of clothing material, including innerwear such as shirts and cut and sewn clothing, which are in direct contact with skin, there is an increasing demand for the development of polyester fabric, which has two contradictory properties, "water- and sweat absorbability" to remove stains easily by washing and "oil-repellency" to prevent the sticking of oil-based dirt, such as stains on the collar and foundation.

DUSTOP SP developed by Teijin is covered the fiber surface with an ultra-thin coating of 100-nanometer thick. This coating is double-layered structure, oil-repellent outer layer and hydrophobic inner layer. The oil-repellent layer repels oil-based stains from sebum, etc., and keep the fabric clean. Meanwhile, since sweat or other moisture, when contacts the fiber surface, are quickly spread to the hydrophilic layer, the fabric has such features as comfort without sweat stickiness and easy shedding off of dirt by washing (see image scheme).

Moreover, as each individual fiber is coated with a functional membrane, DUSTOP SP has achieved unprecedentedly soft texture and excellent durability to tolerate washing of over 100 times.

Furthermore, quick removal of dirt with the less amount of water and laundry detergent in washing are expected to be environment-friendly.

We will promote the use of DUSTOP SP in uniforms and fashion and sport clothing and the development of its applications in a broad range of applications such as bed linen and tablecloth.

Fiber image scheme